Starting Outreachy internship

05 Jun 2017

I was accepted onto Outreachy 2017 May-August round. I’ll be working on the Online auction sample app completion and to achieve that I’ll use my Outreachy application plan.

How can I start to contribute to Online Auction Sample App?

You can find the documentation about how to run the application and how to set up the IDE in the Github repo.

Next steps are more about learning and reading the Lagom framework reference guide. Me, as a beginner, found challenging to understand Event Sourcing and CQRS, mostly because I was comfortable enough with traditional CRUD model.

It’s strongly recommended to read “Reactive Microservices Architecture” by Jonas Bóner.

What did I learn before my internship?

Last year I learned a lot about Java 8’s new features: Lambda functions, completion stages, functional interfaces, functional programming, etc. Lagom framework uses Java 8. I recommend to learn Cassandra because it’s the default database manager that Lagom uses. Also, it won’t hurt to learn Akka, Play framework and a bit of Scala. With those skills it’s easier to start with Lagom.

What’s next?

If you read the Plan section in my Outreachy application, I broke down the whole project in use cases, so next steps are to implement each of them. I’ll be working with Ruchika Lakhina, we both were accepted to Outreachy :grinning:. Ruchika will work on user service and me on transaction service.